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A patient engagement tool designed for APS Members

APS has partnered with HotHealth to help you streamline the client journey. Create and maintain a virtual clinic with APS HotHealth. Please visit the APS Shop to start the registration process.

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* Only available in app on paid plans.


When you set up your app and website pick from the following features.

Video Conferencing

Use Video Conferencing to conduct appointments with patients who cannot come for a face-to-face appointment.


Post news articles to all or specific groups. Users are notified when news relevant to them is posted.


Invite users to events and track responses. Promote events and know who is attending.


Communicate with your Staff, and/or Patients. Your very own messaging service.


For content that never gets old, post how-to articles or give advice to your users.


Manage virtual and face-to-face appointments or integrate with 3rd party booking engines.


The most important thing of all - allow your users to contact you. Easily manage your contact information.


Whether you have one or many locations, display contact information, opening hours and a map of each location.


Sell anything you want online. Your personalized store integrates with Stripe payments for secure online payments.

Staff Profiles

Show off your Staff. Display Staff Profiles and give clients, customers or patients assurance that your organization will treat them well.


If you already have a website, you can simply link to it from within your app and APS Communities website.

Patient Portal

Offer you patients Lifecard - a free personal electronic health record.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages for your app and website. You might want to go into details on the services your provide.


What can your Staff & Patients do?

Facilitate better communication between your organization, your Staff Members, and your Patients.

This leads to:

  • Better Patient outcomes,
  • Better Patient experiences,
  • More efficient use of Staff time,
  • New ways of attracting new Patients, and
  • Less stress for those managing the practice.

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